Welcome to Claire’s Collectibles

Claire’s Collectibles located at 78-A San Marco Ave.

Due to the hurricane, my retirement sale has been extended. There was no damage to my shop, but there was lots to others. St. Augustine is recovering and most of the shops in downtown and uptown are open for business. We were blessed that no one lost their life.
I hope that you are safe and sound!
The new sale is 70% off everything except the fixtures. I have several rolling carts for sale, bookcases, lots of cardstock, display boards, etc. Tons of rubberstamps.

Everything must go and there’s a lot of everything!

Please spread the word!!!! Thank you!

We feature over 14,000 fun rubber stamps, pads, inks, stickers, embossing powders and many more accessories.

Claire’s Collectibles has grown in 20 years from a portion of her husband’s antique store to a store of her own next door.   One of the most fun locations on San Marco, Claire’s has customers from all over the world who make the store a fun place to be.  With an inventory of 14 or 15,000 stamps (who’s counting?) plus accessories, Claire can supply most of what you need. 

Not sure of some of the techniques of stamping?  Take a class.  The classes at Claire’s cater to the beginner, intermediate and the advanced.  Need some inspiration?  Each month Claire’s features an artist or a theme for you to admire and enjoy!  Please contact Claire if you would like to be the featured artist one month or if you have an idea for a theme!

Take a class, try a technique, get inspired.  It’s time to stamp at Claire’s Collectibles!  Visit Claire’s Collectibles at 78-A San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, Florida.  Phone us at 904-825-1122.